Our coldstore facilities are strategically located next to ports and inland just a short distance from the E6 European route.



Glacio Rakkestad

Glacio Rakkestad is one of the country's largest suppliers of coldstore facilities and freezing services. The company has extensive experience of the daily picking and dispatch of large deliveries to the grocery industry in Norway. Flexibility is one of our biggest strengths and we offer most warehouse-related services that our clients need.
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Glacio Fredrikstad

Glacio Fredrikstad's location at the Port of Borg offers excellent opportunities for the loading and unloading of containers from ships. Our high-capacity coldstore can handle large volumes of goods in and out every week.
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Göteborgs Fryshus

Gothenburg's Fryshus offers a complete cold chain with cold storage and chilled storage at two locations in Gothenburg. With our own trucks, we can also offer collection and distribution of goods. Gothenburg's Fryshus is IP food certified and food safety is our top priority.
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Glacio Transport

Glacio transport offers all types of thermotransport. All our vehicles have insulated, temperature-controlled cabinets. This enables us to offer transport for frozen, refrigerated and warm products. All vehicles have temperature monitoring and produce a documented log of the temperature in the cabinet throughout the shipment. We guarantee an unbroken cold chain for our clients.
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