Read feedback from some of our customers.

ASKO Transport

We have been using KS Thermotransport for many years and are very pleased with the services they provide. They have highly qualified drivers and carry out major assignments with exacting requirements regarding precision. We trust them to always carry out the assignments we give them.

Bama Industri AS

KS Thermotransport has been providing transport services to us for many years. We are very pleased with the company and its drivers. Over the years, they have proved to be very adaptable to changes in assignments and the scope of the assignments that they carry out for us has steadily increased.


Glacio is a key part of our logistics solution for frozen products. Glacio provides high-quality services and shows great flexibility when required. We are very pleased with the services that Glacio provides and aim to continue our long-term cooperation.

Østlandske Formidling AS (ØFAS)

We have been a customer of Glacio for many years. We find that they always provide a high level of service and do a top quality job. For us, they are a one-stop shop for both coldstore and transportation, meaning that we don’t have to waste time coordinating between several operators.

Bama Catering

We have been using Glacio Fredrikstad and KS Thermotransport as a distribution solution for our clients in Østfold and parts of Akershus for many years. The drivers are in daily contact with our clients, and it is vital that they represent Bama in a professional manner. We are very pleased with the way in which Glacio and KS Thermotransport carry out our assignments. Good service, good quality and good prices!

Seaborn AS

We have been using Glacio's coldstore services for many years and are very pleased with the level of service and quality they provide. Their unique location at a port and their close proximity to border crossings also help to streamline our logistics.